Saturday, March 22, 2014

Godland - Deify - Brian Manton

A man in a Goofy costume stands on an atoll, before a massed crowd of other Goofys.
He gives a riling speech.
The Goofys raise their arms and cheer. Some hold spears. One holds a six shooter.

Same scene watched from a distance. A silhouette of Mickey Mouse ears clue us to the viewer, though it sports some irregular piercings.

The Goofy congregation are attacked from all sides by an strike force of people in Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes. The mouse heads are adorned with warpaint. Some hold savage Pluto attack dogs on leashes. The Plutos wear black spiked collars. These are all people in costume too. One of the Pluto’s costume heads is missing and we can see he is feral - foaming at the mouth.

Disneyland, in a post apocalyptic future. We see the entrance sign - the letters of Disney have been knocked away… the sign now reads GODLAND. Some iconic Disneyland rides can be seen in the background, with intimidating modifications. It’s all gone a bit Mad Max.

The mascots have formed into tribes and a fierce battle rages.

A dangerous looking Minnie Mouse stands in the foreground, sword held by her side. She holds up the decapitated head of a Donald Duck in triumph (it’s just the costume head. The guy is unconscious on the ground beside her.)

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