Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Godland – Just Can’t Win – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: Panel should be shaped as though it’s an image on a TV Screen. ADAM ARCHER is standing at a podium facing the camera in front of a press conference.

ARCHER (1): Therefore, since none of you people appreciate me anyway, I’ve decided to announce my retirement from the superhero business.

ARCHER (2): If threatens to destroy the world, yeah, I’m going to be there for my own sake, but until then, you people are on your own.

Panel 2: TV-style as in PANEL 1, but with the picture of ARCHER in the upper right corner as a news anchor sits at a desk.

ANCHOR (1): As of today, it was a month ago when Adam Archer, renowned Astronaut-turned-superhero, announced he was hanging up his tights.

ANCHOR (2): Astonishingly, since then the world has continued to turn more or less as it did prior to his fateful return from Mars. And by some peoples standards, the world manages to be safer now than it was when Adam Archer was on the job.

Panel 3: A dimly lit room as ADAM ARCHER sits slouched in a comfortable-looking chair, watching the TV from PANELS 1 and 2. He looks like he’s let himself go just a little and is frustrated by what he’s watching.

ANCHOR: In the meantime, sightings of Mr. Archer have been scarce, leaving those who aren’t glad he’s gone away wondering just where he’s been.

Panel 4: ADAM ARCHER is yelling angrily with his eyes closed at no one in particular. He accidentally causes the TV to explode in the process.



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  1. HA!!! Again, that Joe Kelly sensibility just comes through. Absurdity through agitation. It reminded me of Man of Steel, I'm watching it in the theatre, thinking, this would never've happened if Superman wasn't on the planet.
    Page works on multiple levels, MK, and just made me smile this morning.


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