Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lego - Block - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: The Lego Batcave set. In the chair in front of the Batcomputer sits a Lego version of me (JD). He is in fancy evening wear, and holds a Lego glass in his hand. He looks right at the reader.

JD: Good evening.

JD: Apologies to my colleague, Mr. Stangeland, but yes, this is another meta-script.

Panel 2: JD has risen from the chair and is now walking across the "set." If possible, we can already see the edge of a Lego pirate ship he is walking onto.

JD: I assure you, dear readers, my script for this week was going to be an awesome action-fantasy explosion multiplied by the infinity of ideas in every Lego set...

Panel 3: JD is now on the deck of the pirate ship, casually walking through a fight going on between two crews.

JD: You see, it was my birthday last week, and my sister said she'd get me some Lego.

JD: My script was going to be based on whatever set she got me.

Panel 4: Close up on JD. He swivels his claw-hands to make air-quotes, like Bad Cop does in the movie.

JD: But it's "arriving late" 'cause she bought it online.

Panel 5: JD now strolls through one of the Lego cities, people going about their business in the background.

JD: Am I just using that as an excuse for writer's block?


Panel 6: A crowd scene, with various types of Lego figures facing the reader. JD is front and centre.

JD: Rest assured, however, that no matter what set she got me -- superhero, space, pirate, city -- I shall be happy for it.

JD: And it will probably fire up my imagination, making my next few scripts amazing.


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  1. I find it hilarious a pick that leaves as wide open a door as Lego seems to be producing one of the biggest cases of writers block this site has ever seen.


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