Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lego - Every Time! - Brian Manton

High angle looking down at 3 Lego men.

A Lego Nicholas Hawksmoor

To his right (panel left) is a blue suited Lego Spaceman (series 1)

To his left (panel right) is a ginger-bearded Lego Robin Hood

They look upward in pride and awe.

Robin Hood: You’ve only gone and done it again, Hawksmoor. Bloody good work.

Opposite angle, looking up at Lego Westminster Abbey’s West Towers, constructed by Lego Hawksmoor. An impressive feat in Lego architecture.

On the three figures - panic & confusion! Some small Lego bricks fall into frame.


A gargantuan 4 year old child, dirty blonde hair and missing a front tooth, pounds into view behind the towers. We can see now that we are in his bedroom. His bedroom wallpaper provides a cityscape background. He posture is Godzilla-like.

The child-monster cracks off the right tower.

Close on the three as they look on in horror.

Hawksmoor: Noooooooo!

The child flies the tower section like a spaceship.

Child (linked): Spacesipp.

The three again. The Spaceman is cheering, arms raised. Robin draws his bow in fear, teeth gritted. Hawsmoor crumples to his knees and cries.

Spaceman: YEAHHH!

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  1. It's taken me over a week, and suddenly all the visual gags made sense and worked. I struggled with what to think of your script, then I was watching my kids at play, and it all clicked.
    That is subtlety of the highest order, sir. Multiple readings and a subliminal shift, and I got it. Well done.


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