Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lex Luthor - All Fall Down - Brian Manton

WARNING: This script contains MAJOR SPOILERS for House of Cards Season 2.

Wide. The White House

Inside the oval office, Lex Luthor stands before the desk of President Frank Underwood.

President Underwood sits relaxed, legs crossed. One hand at his chin, he looks bemused as he watches an iPad.

OTS view on the iPad. On the screen we see security camera footage that clearly shows the moment when Underwood pushed Zoe Barnes under a subway car.

OTS of Underwood, on Luthor.

I, of course, run my own personal CCTV networks in all major cities.

Underwood, looking at Luthor (OP). He smiles, not at all disturbed by this development.

Why Mr. Luthor, I do believe you must have a little bit of kryptonite for everyone.

Same shot as 5 but Frank has turned toward the camera and speaks to the viewer/reader. He looks more serious now. Determined.

There are times when it behooves you to let the other players think they have the upper hand.


  1. Not only is this classic sleazy Luther, but you also, in TWO PANELS have Underwood's voice down solid. (By the way, anyone else read this as Spacey vs Spacey? Add "Go to lunch," and you have a Kevin S. trifecta)
    Short but sweet killer script...

  2. This script is thick with understated political power. Two giants doing battle under the surface.


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