Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lex Luthor – Elseworlds: The Super-Man – MK Stangeland Jr.

In this alternate version of the DC Universe, KAL-EL was instead adopted by a childless JULES and ARLENE LUTHOR, who named him ALEXANDER – or LEX, for short.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: LEX LUTHOR is in the sky over METROPOLIS - here he looks like SUPERMAN but with a somewhat ‘edgier’ and more technical look to his costume, as well as a different color scheme. The costume has much more of a red, white, and blue look as part of an attempt to play up a patriotic and American theme for publicity purposes, though there’s also a touch of yellow in the costume as well that should take on some kind of gold-colored tint.

In front of LUTHOR, being held out in front of him by the throat at arms length, is GENERAL ZOD. Both LUTHOR and ZOD look like they’ve taken a major beating, but ZOD looks far worse the wear.

LUTHOR: But above all else, Zod, you’ve exposed your greatest flaw to be a failure to think intellectually beyond destruction.

Panel 2: LUTHOR flies up into the sky, pulling ZOD alongside him – he’s secretly doing this so that he can continue to speak freely with him without worry of anyone accidentally overhearing him.

LUTHOR: If only your feeble mind had thought beyond that of conquest, you might have discovered there was a way to rule these people without lording over them. The way I do.

Panel 3: LUTHOR hovers in the sky about at the fringe of Earth’s atmosphere, where he’s as far away from the surface as possible without entering the actual vacuum of outer space. He hasn’t yet brought ZOD up from dragging him along behind.

LUTHOR (1): Without having to do anything, this planet welcomed me with open arms.

LUTHOR (2): And then I built a virtual empire through Luthor Innovations.

Panel 4: LUTHOR holds ZOD in front of him so that he can look ZOD in the face.

LUTHOR (1): If that wasn’t enough, these people practically worship me for ‘selflessly’ protecting them from dangers they could never withstand on their own.

LUTHOR (2): I could ask them for nearly anything and not only would they gladly give it to me, but they would thank me for giving them the opportunity to do it.

Panel 5: LUTHOR gives ZOD a piercing look in the face.

LUTHOR (1): I rule them, Zod, by making them want me.

LUTHOR (2): By making them need me.

LUTHOR (3): And you know what the best part is?

Panel 6: LUTHOR brings up ZOD in a backswing over his head as he prepares to throw ZOD back down towards Earth.

LUTHOR: Idiots like you only help to remind them just how much they need me in their frail, feeble little lives.

Panel 7: LUTHOR throws ZOD back down towards Earth’s surface with all his might.

LUTHOR: Thank you for that, by the way.




  1. A very interesting look at how someone like Lex could potentially deal with having the power of Supes. There's a definite villain monologuing vibe going on here, but that's clearly intentional and it acts as a good look into Luthor's mind.

    My one qualm is (as much as I love it and as fun as it is) the "Super-throw" doesn't fit with the the tone of the rest of the page.

  2. Hot damn do I love an Elseworld's tale, it totally helps when its this cool as well. This had the lovely What If Red Son vibe to it. What impact parents can have on a child. This is so much fun.

    Grant makes an excellent point with the 'super-throw' SFX though, its fun and whilst I do love it, it doesn't work for me. I'd almost rather have Lex say Super throw like a super confident ego maniac may.


  3. Excellent turnaround on the Lex/Supes dynamic, and an interesting look at the nature/nurture debate. Lex's dialogue is a perfect insight to his mind, with the added visual of him climbing higher, above everyone.

    I agree that the "super-throw" really upsets the tone though.

    However, while reading this, I did realise that "Super Lex" in Latin means "above the law." Mind = blown.

  4. Actually, I have to ask...did you ever see or read Seigel & Shuster's original Super-Man story/proposal? This piece would fit right into that version...
    This piece in general is just strong with well paced fight sequence. Neat-o...


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