Monday, March 3, 2014

Lex Luthor - The Great Equalizer - Grant McLaughlin

Background: Lex Luthor has been up to all sorts of weirdness of late, investing into seemingly random projects, making strange public statements, and generally being unlike his regular self.  Superman, being the boy scout he is, has come to LexCorp Tower (which I assume is a thing) to see what's up.  Lex looks haggard - as if he hasn't slept, shaved, or done really anything to take care of himself.  Though the two are conversing, Lex has been talking past Superman for the better part of their interaction.

Also, because I can, this verison of LexCorp Tower is filled with Greek and Roman antiquities (and imitation antiquities) - figures of mythology grace every corner and aspect of its interior.

1 - Lex and Superman walk up a large staircase flanked with roman columns.  They are at the bottom of the stairs, the panel framed so they are walking away from the reader.

LEX LUTHOR: The moment you revealed yourself to the world, man became obsolete.

2 - Similar to panel 1.  Lex is attaining the top of the stairs, with Superman just behind him.

LEX LUTHOR: No one can soar to the greatest heights when a god literally flies above their heads.

3 - Lex and Superman continue to walk.  They pass by Bernini's David (of "and Goliath" fame), which casts a partial shadow on Lex.  There can be other art, but this is the one that is important to the panel.

LEX LUTHOR: I spent years trying to find the chink in your armor that would allow me to destroy you.  To rid the world of your impossible shadow.

4 - A large door that leads to a balcony lies ahead.  Curtains obscure any view of the outside world.  Superman finally takes some action, putting a hand on Lex's shoulder and forcing him to make eye contact.  Superman looks worried.  Lex looks tired.

SUPERMAN: Lex, what are you talking about?

LEX LUTHOR: You were right.  You've always been right.  I had set myself an impossible task.

5 - Lex pulls free and continues towards the balcony.  Superman pauses for a moment, looking after him.

LEX LUTHOR: You will never be brought down to man's level.

6 - They are onto the balcony.  We are outside.  Lex looks out to the world around them (and towards the reader), smiling an evil, satisfied grin.  He could even be partially obscured by shadow if you'd like.  Superman, in the background, does likewise, finally realizing what Lex has been talking about.  Superman is shocked and perhaps a little horrified by what he sees before him.

LEX LUTHOR: Fortunately...

7 - Pull back a good ways.  Lex and Supes can still be visible on that balcony, but they are not the focus of this panel.  No, the focus is the dozens and dozens of people who are flying about through the air.  Regular citizens, they are demonstrating pretty much all the powers of Superman - flight, super strength (maybe breaking parts of buildings off), lazer vision, ice breath, and whatever else you can fit in.  It's intense, it's everywhere, and it doesn't look to be going well thus far.

CAPTION (LEX LUTHOR): I've discovered how to raise him up to yours.


  1. The idea is similar to one of the storylines in 52, but you present it well here. I like the implications that Lex has lost it a little, and the imagery, especially the David and Goliath one, a comparison that had never occurred to me.

  2. The use of the staircase is a master stroke in terms of pacing as is using a scene viewed from a balcony as a reveal. You litter the page with foreshadowing and metaphor, none of which feels heavy handed and is all just extra details for the keener reads if this was drawn.

    You write great Lex dialogue as well.



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