Monday, March 24, 2014

The Darkness - Ends and Means - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Jackie and a random guy sit at a table across from each other.  The only source of light is a single candle that sits on the table between them.  The light tapers off towards the edges of the panel, leaving those portions in darkness.  The guy is tied to his chair and has been beaten and bruised.  His head hangs down near the table top.  Jackie, on the other hand, looks fine.  The only visible indication as to what he's been up to would be some rolled up sleeves.  He has his hands on the table, looking seriously at the guy.

CAPTION: Light and dark.

GUY (quietly, weakly): please

2 - Move the perspective closer in to the candle.  Have the man's hanging head partly visible on one side of the panel, including the blood and sweat that's been pooling on the table.  On the other side, Jackie balls his hands in fists.  The candle's flame wavers, lowering the level of light again.

CAPTION: Can we subvert their meanings to our own ends?

GUY (quietly, weakly): i'm innocent

3 - Move the perspective closer still to the candle.  It is all that can really be seen at this distance.  The guy's head is no longer visible, but Jackie has moved his hand to extinguish the candle with his fingers.  Small amount of smoke rises from the new darkness.

CAPTION: Or must we ultimately be subverted to theirs?

JACKIE: I know.

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