Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Darkness - Little Beasts - Brian Manton

Wide narrow panel. Cruella De Vil's eyes, piercing.

Cruella: In a moment I'll have what I came for.

Cruella's POV, downward angle. Jackie Estacado, beaten and bloody on the ground. Two adult dalmatians cower beside him.

Cruella: While all of you will end up as sausage meat, alone on some sad, plastic plate.

Cruella stepping out from the darkness. Darkness 'armour' begins to envelop her. Her hands, clawlike and raised.

Cruella: Dead and meaty and red. No friends, no family, no pulse. Just slapped between two buns, smothered in onions, with fries on the side.

Emerging from the darkness behind Cruella, Darklings. These Darklings are perversions of the dalmatian puppies they have corrupted.

Cruella: To me my Dah'klings.

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