Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Falcon – Birds Of A Feather - Shaun Richens

PAGE ONE – 6 Panels

Page wide panel. Int Shield heli-carrier control room. Red alarm lights go off. Ultimate universe Nick Fury lies with his back against a control panel. He looks older than normally, wisps of grey hair in his eyebrows and facial hair, crows feet under his eyes. Sam Wilson (The Falcon) in black combat gear (his metal wing set folded up behind him) kneels at Fury's side.

Funny how the man with the eye patch was to blind to see it. He's gone Sam.

He wanted to get caught. He needed to get close to me.

You have to stop him.

Page wide panel. Ext. The landing deck of the heli-carrier Its a clear bright morning. An Ultimate universe version of the super villain Vulture pushes sheild agents to the floor with ease, as he rushes past them. This Vulture is bald with a strong, sharp facial features. He looks very young, early 20's. He has a lean lightweight boxers body shape. He wears a very dark green combat suit, its sleek and advanced looking. On his back is a similar set of fold up wings to those of Falcon.


Repeat of 1.2 Vulture has cleared the panel. Falcon gives chase pasted the chaos in the Vultures wake.


Ext. The landing deck of the heli-carrier. The vulture with his back to us, his toes inching over the side of the deck, nothing but clear air beneath him.

Toomes. You know what happens next. Don't take that step.

Small Panel. Close up on the vulture looking back over his shoulder.

Ha. You're the bird of prey Mr Wilson. Let us see if you can hunt.

Big panel. Looking up through the clouds towards the base of the heli-carrier. The vulture, wings unfolded dive bombs towards us. The shining glint of the Falcons wings can be seen giving chase behind.


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  1. Really nice pacing and potential visuals here, Shaun. While Falcon and Vulture's repartee is perhaps a tad cliche, I like it - particularly as the set up to that last panel.

    One thing I'd say is that there are kind of a lot of typos on the page. Not the end of the world, but it does distract the reading a bit.


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