Monday, April 14, 2014

Headspace - Adrift - Grant McLaughlin

Okay, let's see if this will make any sense.  We'll roll with three rows of panels.  Top row is panels 1 through 3, all equal width.  Second row is panels 4 and 5, the latter slightly larger than the former.  The final row is a single panel, panel 6.  The important thing to note is that the gutter between the first and second row is actually a jagged lightning bolt that flies across the page, diagonally descending from right to left.  There could even be a big "CRAAACK" along the way.  This means that the top row gets shorter going from left to right, while the second row gets taller.  The third row is unaffected by this.

One more thing, the first three panels would be in Eric Zawadzki's inimitable style, while the remainder of the page would be Riley Rossmo's.  The reason, if not already, will become evident as you read through.

1 - We open on Linda, the character from the first three pages of the first issue, in the boat Shane sent her off into the ocean in, sitting in the same position - arms handcuffed behind her back and looking down into the rowboat's bottom.  She is afloat in the middle of the water - pretty similar to that third page.  It is just starting to rain, with a few scant raindrops harmlessly falling from the heavens.

CAPTION (LINDA): Carpenter Cove was always quiet.

2 -  The camera can start to move closer to Linda and her boat, although it's still pretty far off.  The rain increases in intensity - it's becoming a regular shower.

CAPTION (LINDA): But nothing lasts forever.

3 - We're closer in yet again.  The rain has developed into a true downpour, slapping against Linda, her boat, and the water.  The ocean starts to become wild and choppy.

CAPTION (LINDA): I know it was only the calm before the storm.

This would be where the lightning gutter comes into play - perhaps a red lightning bolt - taking us across the page and into the art change.

4 - Closer still, water is coming over the side of the boat.  Linda pays it no mind.

CAPTION (LINDA): So I got out.

5 - The rain continues, but Linda's boat, while filling with water, has landed on a beach.

CAPTION (LINDA): It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

6 - Pull out, Linda continues to ignore the world around her in the background, but our focus is on Morley Mack (of Green Wake fame, natch) who is standing on the beach and smoking a cigarette.

CAPTION (LINDA): Unfortunately, I have a feeling I only traded one storm for another.

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