Saturday, April 19, 2014

Headspace - Resonance - Brian Manton

Shot from behind Max, as he stands on the main street of Carpenter Cove, the town stretching out before him.
Max centre frame, the panel is split vertically showing the headspace version of Carpenter Cove on the left and IRL Carpenter Cove on the right.
Headspace Cove is in night and the strange creatures that populate it crawl the buildings.
IRL Cove is daytime, a busy town with happy people.

Max: They built a town in my head.

Max: I've come to the real town... for some perspective I guess.

IRL Carpenter Cove.
Low shot looking up at Max. His feet are rooted on the ground but from his waist, multiple versions of his torso spring out, flailing in different directions.

Max: Everything vibrates into place and I hear something click.

Headspace Carpenters Cove.
The dark town is empty.

Max: My mind is a ghost town.

IRL Carpenter Cove.
A car crashes into a shopfront. Everyone who was walking around the town has fallen to the ground asleep. The sleepers look distressed.
Max stands in the middle of all of this, dumbfounded.

Max: And everyone out here has one of my personal demons to wrestle with in their dreams.

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