Sunday, April 13, 2014

Headspace - Spinoff! - Ben Rosenthal

NOTE:  This will only make 'sense' if you have read HEADSPACE #2.  I use the term 'sense' very loosely.  Apologies to Ryan, Dan and the rest of the HEADSPCE crew.

1.  A text panel running across the top of the page.  The title is a graphic resembling the Indiana Jones logo.

TEXT: From the mind of Ryan Lindsay comes the next break out character from the hit comic HEADSPACE - THE ADVENTURES OF SURPRISE ALLIGATOR!

2.  Max is inside his house, answering the front door.  His hand is on the doorknob as he is about to open it.

SFX: Ding dong.

MAX: Ah, that must be my copy of "Murderer's Illustrated"

3.  The door is open.  Surprise Alligator Has leapt on top of Max, jaws singing in to his midsection.  Max has lost a hand.

4.  Max is in bed, on his side getting ready to kiss his wife. She is next to him in bed, covered up by the quilt.  It appears she is already asleep.  Max is puckering up to kiss her goodnight.

MAX: What a day!  Goodnight honey.

5.  Surprise Alligator is in Max's bed, not his wife.  He is eating Max's face.  Surprise Alligator is wearing sexy lingerie.

6.  Max is answering the door again, similar to Panel 2 however it is a new day and he is dressed differently.  He is being cautious about opening the door - there is fear in his eyes.

SFX: Ding dong.

MAX: Uh...

7.  The door is open with Max putting his hands up as he believes he is about to be attacked by Surprise Alligator.  However a postman is in the doorway holding out a box.

POSTMAN: Delivery for you, sir.

8.  Max is taking the box from the man, looking at it in disbelief.

MAX: Uh, thanks.

9.  Surprise Alligator is springing out of the small box, defying the laws of physics and eating Max's head.


  1. By the time this was over I was thinking:
    *knock knock*
    *Door opens, shark eats person*

  2. Haha. This is exactly what I was thinking reading through issue #2. Glad to see I wasn't the only one!


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