Monday, April 21, 2014

Prophet - In Truth - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  Rows one and two are made up of 3 panels each, with row three housing a single panel.

1 - A planet floats in the darkness of space.  It looks pretty desolate and empty.  The lightbeam that awoke the many different Johns in issue #23 comes from off-panel, going directly to the planet.

CAPTION: The signal traveled along the vastness of space.

2 - Planetside.  This is a planet of craggy mountains and rock.  One of those drill capsules has emerged from the ground.  John and the capsule are on the side of a tall and sheer cliff-face.  John Prophet has already emerged from the capsule and is in the process of throwing up the Ampa Micakane stimulant that every John Prophet seems to expel upon awaking.

CAPTION: Reaching yet another of its many destinations

3 - John injects himself with the stimulant.

CAPTION: As always, John Prophet awoke, ready for the task ahead.

4 - Two figures crest a nearby hill, walking towards John.  They are still a good distance off, but their appearance is visible.  They wear colourful robes that cover most of their long and skinny bodies, with almost comically large hats that look similar to the shells of hermit crabs crowning their heads.

CAPTION: But before he could begin, Truth Wizards of Oanra came to him.

5 - John and the Truth Wizards stand in conversation.  He listens as the Truth Wizards speak (in the indecipherable way that aliens speak in this series).

CAPTION: And they spoke.

6 - John Prophet looks towards the reader, a look of sadness and resignation on his face.  He is defeated.

CAPTION: Their words were unwelcome.

7 - Another far shot, like in panel 2.  John falls from the cliff-face, having leaped to his death after hearing what his interlocutors had to say.  The Truth Wizards are walking away, having already made some good distance.  The capsule and John's equipment lay on the ground, abandoned.

CAPTION: Yet undeniably true.

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