Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prophet - Lore - Brian Manton

A John Prophet sits on a throne, surrounded by small, somewhat humanoid (but not at all human-like) aliens. He wears a crown and jewellery fashioned from alien bones.

CAP: The Pretender reigned as God for untold years.

A large space ship crashes into the alien palace.

CAP: Until the Saviour smote the palace down.

Inside the wreckage of the throne room, another John Prophet (dressed for space travel) emerges from a hatch in the space ship. The Pretender stands from his throne, furious.

CAP: And emerged the perfect likeness of he we had worshipped for so long.

The Pretender raises an axe and charges the new John, but new John simply shoots him with a laser pistol.

CAP: The Pretender thought to destroy him but the Saviour revealed his divine power

New John carrying out repairs to his space ship. Aliens gather around him in awe but he pays them no attention.

CAP: He adorned his skyhammer with trophies from our lands.

CAP: When it began to growl again we knew the Saviour would return to the heavens.

A small swarm of the aliens sexually pleasure John in the way only a swarm of small aliens can.

CAP: Not interested in worship, we feared he would leave us.

CAP: But the shemales reached out to the divine within him and he looked favourably upon us.

Inside a starship. A huge window reveals a space-scape in the background.
An adult alien sits with a group of alien children, telling the story of their ascent to the heavens.

Alien: We have lived amongst the stars of the Gods from that day.

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