Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rat Queens – Pirate Booty – Shaun Richens.


A beautiful, blue, clear day out at sea. A vessel similar to a viking longship sails across the calm seas. The vast sail of the ship bares the Rat Queens logo.

HANNAH (from on-board the ship):

Cut to aboard the ship. Hannah's arms and head hang over the side of the deck, she looks very pale. She wipes vomit from the the side of her mouth with the back of her hand. Betty sits crossed legged a top a cask in the background. Violet is using a sharpening stone to hone the edge of her longsword. Dee stands beside Hannah, her arms folded across her chest.

I'm seasick.

Of course you are, nothing at all to do with the keg of Orcish mead you got through last night.

...I'm seasick.

Cut to the Captain at the helm of the vessel. He is a short human fellow, round of belly and long of beard. He grins revealing a mouth with a single tooth. For such an unsightly man he has an air of joy and charm about him. He rests one hand on the decking in front of him whilst his other arm is out stretched, pointing towards the horizon.

If you can hold you guts for a wee moment lassy you should take a look at that.

Looking out from the front of the ship, the tip of the ship points towards the horizon and towards an island in the distance. A vast beach, gives way to dense and dark looking jungle and at the very centre of the island is a thin and tall mountain that reaches straight up from the heart of the island towards the sky. It reaches so high as to almost touch the clouds. Massive monstrous black birds can be seen circling the top of the mountain, also dark rain clouds seem to be drawn to the same point despite the clear skies all around.

Daggerpoint island ladies. The last stop for the good ship Salty Rat.

Cut to a close up on Hannah, still looking rather delicate shall we say.

Bloody hell...

Bring me more mead.

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