Monday, April 7, 2014

Rat Queens - Ugh - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The Rat Queens are in a dark, dank underground cavern.  They've just come out from being submerged in some dark and totally gross near-liquid and are all covered in its dark gooeyness.  Hannah tries to get it out of her hair, annoyed; Betty wrings out her ponytail, grossed out; and Dee stands drenched, unsure of even where to begin in cleaning herself.  The only one who looks like they're still focused on the task at hand is Violet.

HANNAH: Ugh, dungeon crawling is the worst.

BETTY: I didn't think anything would be less fun than that one we went through last week, but here we are.

2 - Focus on Violet as she tries to knock some of the dark water out of her ears.

VIOLET: How can you guys be down on this?  We made out with a fuckton of swag from that dungeon, and I hear this one has even sweeter loot.

3 - The Queens' attempt to clean up are interrupted by a group of animated skeletons who have shown up and are now surrounding them.  The skeletons have various weapons, armour, and beat up equipment that they wield threateningly.  Violet has her weapons at ready, while the rest of the Queens mostly still look annoyed, still not taking this super seriously.

DEE: Animated skeletons?

HANNAH: So lame.

VIOLET: Don't worry...

4 - Cut to a shop back in Palisade.  The Queens are rather worse for wear, with some rips to their armour, cuts and bruises to their person, and the like.  It also appears they haven't quite figured out how to get out the stain that dark, gross substance.  That being said, they also have a wheelbarrow full of loot (statues, gems, jewlery, relics, and so forth) that looks pretty substantial.  Unfortunately, they stand, dumbfounded and shocked, before a shopkeep who is telling them something they aren't overly keen on hearing.

CAPTION (VIOLET): It'll all be worth it.

VIOLET: What do mean you don't want any of this?!

SHOPKEEP (1): It's not that I don't want it, but I'm not made of gold pieces.  I can't keep paying you for every single ancient artifact you happen to stumble upon!

SHOPKEEP (2): Especially considering all that junk you brought in last week!

5 - Final panel.  Can be relatively small.  We're outside the shop, pulled back a good distance.  The Rat Queens have graffitied and scuffed it up in anger.  They have turned over the wheelbarrow and used some of their loot to damage the building.  Their counterblow struck, they trudge away bitterly.

HANNAH (small text to impress our distance from the characters): Well that totally sucked.

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