Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rhino - Blind Date - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Rhino is walking down a New York street on a wet and windy night.  He wears a hooded jumper over his Rhino suit (as he cannot take it off).  The hood is pulled up to try and disguise his horn.  Rhino's head is down, hands in the pockets of his hoodie, trying to blend in to the crowd.  Due to his size it isn't very successful, but people seem happy to ignore him.

I'm strong.  I can crush a car with my hands if I want.

2.  Side on.  Rhino is standing out front of a movie theatre.  He has a nervous smile on his face, and is waving hello to her.  In front of him is a female, obviously dressed for a date.  She is pleased to see him, although unsure what to think of this hulking mass in front of her in a sweat shirt.

Yeah I've been slapped around by some heavy hitters in my time..

3.  Rhino is standing up straight, however the wind has caught his hood, blowing it back revealing his horn.

But this suit o'mine is bonded to my skin.

4.  The woman is looking at him in horror.  She knows who he is.

Throw what ever you want at me.

5.  Rhino is alone in an empty apartment, lonely and sad.

I can't feel a thing.


  1. Did You Know: The line "wandered lonely as a cloud" from an old poem is actually a misquote of "wandered lonely as a rhinoceros" because rhinos are solitary animals in the wild. Whether intentional or not, you draw an excellent parallel from it here, and the dialogue is a perfect match too.

  2. Brutal. I dig it in similar parallels as mentioned by J.D.


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