Monday, April 28, 2014

Rhino - Redemption Road, Revisited - R.A. Wonsowski

Been a long time since I walked down Redemption Road, so....

For those of you who don't know, one of by burgeoning notebooks is filled with notes called Redemption Road. The nut of it is that Max "Electro" Dillon goes straight when he finds out he has an infant daughter, Tess.  To support her, he becomes a skip-tracer, a kind of bounty hunter for supervillains who jump bail or go fugitive from trial.  He discovers that in both roles as good guy and father, he doesn't suck at either job...

One of my ideas for "Season 2" is that as Max's business begins to grow, he enlists some unusual help to balance his workload.  And occasionally needs a...specialized...babysitter.


Panel 1:  MAX at his open closet door, shrugging on a jacket made out of one of his old costumes, green with yellow lightning stripes down the front. The closet is crammed with clothes, an umbrella stroller and a folded up playpen, stuffed toys peppering throughout, including a cuddly looking Hulk toy.

MAX - ...instant Cream-o-Wheat on the counter, if she gets fussy. And don't let her near the computer...

RHINO (off panel) - Max, I can handle it!

Panel 2:  MAX at the door of his apartment, about to walk out the door, a wistful and unsure smile on his face.

MAX - I'm not saying you can't, just Tess can be a handful, y'know?

Panel 3: Continuation of Panel 2, RHINO is on the sofa bouncing two-year-old TESS on his knee. Both are smiling, and TESS is lightly sparking with electric glee.

RHINO - My friend, your daughter is an absolute joy. Look how happy. What could possibly happen?

Panel 4: Foreground, RHINO is charging scared, cradling TESS like a football, who is giggling heartily.  RHINO clotheslines two SKRULLS in his mad dash.  Behind them, giant gamma irradiated space slugs are chasing them through Central Park, green lasers bouncing off his hide and knocking down trees. Up in the night sky, flying saucers are illuminating the scene in yellow light.  A circular inset panel in the lower right hand corner features the heads of DEADPOOL and THOR.



CAPTION - featuring Deadpool & Thor!

DEADPOOL - The Super-buddies!

THOR - (mildly annoyed) I say thee nay.

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