Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rhino – Rhino Saves the Marvel Universe – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: RHINO is in the middle of a street somewhere in NEW YORK CITY, but an area where there’s not a lot of human activity right now, though there are cars nearby.

Floating in the air nearby, and looking down at RHINO, is DR. DOOM.

DR. DOOM: No longer shall I tolerate you foiling the plans of DOOM.

RHINO: I don’t know what yer’ talkin’ about. I ain’t been trying to foil anyones anything. I just want…

Panel 2: Focus on DR. DOOM as he points his arms down and prepares to shoot RHINO.


DR. DOOM (2): Face your DOOM and prepare to perish like a man!

Panel 3: RHINO picks up a large car and holds it in front of him to block the shot from DR. DOOM.


RHINO: $%*#!

Panel 4: RHINO shakes the car in front of him. The car looks like it’s super-heated.


Panel 5: RHINO tosses the car away from him. He doesn’t pay much attention to where he’s throwing it, but the direction it goes puts it on a path that will cause it to land on top of where DR. DOOM is currently floating in the air.

DR. DOOM (1): FOOL! You only delay the inevitable!

DR. DOOM (2): Surrender and DOOM may…

Panel 6: The car that RHINO threw in PANEL 5 comes down and lands on top of DR. DOOM, exploding when it does.


RHINO: Wait, what?


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  1. Ha! I like the Bugs Bunny style humor you employed here. I don't know why Rhino lends himself to this type of funny so easily, but you do it well. Nice page, MK.


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