Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Falcon - You Can't Take the Sky from Me - J.D. Coughlan

Falcon has been kidnapped by the Red Skull and is being tortured and experimented on.

Panel 1: Torture room. Sam lies strapped to a table, beaten and bloody. Red Skull stands over him, sleeves rolled up. Two HYDRA guards stand at the door. Sam has a weak grin, which annoys the Skull.

SAM: (small, wobbly) Hehehe...

SKULL: You may well laugh, Wilson, perhaps smug in the assurance of a rescue. Know this: By the time Rogers even learns of your disappearance, there will be very little of you left to save -- mentally, if not physically.

Panel 2: Close up on Sam. He lifts his head slightly off the table, wincing from the pain.

SAM: (wobbly) There... There will always be something left, Skull... Something you... can't take...

Panel 3: Close on the Skull. He turns from Sam, now with a smug grin.

SKULL: Please... I was a Nazi, remember? I know how hollow such poetic sentiments are in reality.

SKULL: Fine for inspiring the less-educated masses, but they can be made to believe in anything. And, with enough suffering, nothing at all.

Panel 4: Large panel. Over the Skull's shoulder. His back is to Sam, facing the reader. His smug grin has dropped. Sam's head is still raised, staring intently at the Skull.

SAM: Look at history... There has never been a completely successful dictatorship... Because... Because the more adamantly you try to get people to believe something, the more they will consider the opposite... Even if you kept all of mankind locked away underground, they'd still dream of the sky...

SAM: Freedom isn't a belief or an idea... It's not something you can cover up or disguise... It's a feeling deep in the heart of every person ever born. That's why you'll never win. Not in any way that counts.

SAM: So do your worst, Skull. I'll be dreaming of the sky.


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  1. I like the idea, and the build to that final line works well, but the script does feel a little wordy to me. I feel like cutting some of the dialogue or spacing out over a longer space (perhaps intercut with another scene?) would give it more room to breath.


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