Sunday, May 4, 2014

4 Years of Thought Balloons

This Thursday, May 5th marks four years of Thought Balloons.

I kinda covered that in the topic already.

As the only surviving OG tenured writer (well, technically Sime is, but he went away for a while so I'm claiming the title as my own) it is my task to look back on these four years.

Many talented individuals have passed through our little website.  Most have gone on to do some very exciting things in the world of comics.  Off the top of my head Rol Hirst is self publishing 'Department of the Perculiar', Dan Hill is also self publishing his own works as well as editing the very very very very good Headspace which happens to be written by Thought Balloons founder Ryan K. Lindsay.  Some of us have even banded together to come up with a new series, which is coming soon (seriously you guys - sooooo good).

Oh yeah, I also have comics out for free over at Man In Suit Comics and  Hey, what's the point of being a puppet dictator if you can get a cheap plug in every now and then.

Thought Balloons is such an invaluable tool.  I have met many great people on here, honed my writing and even used it as a testing ground for techniques in my writing.  It continues to grown week to week, and I am positive that it is only getting started.

This week the tenured writers and I are celebrating with another 'Creator Owned Week'.  One page of scripts of creator owned properties will be filling the pages this week.  And now more than ever we would LOVE your feedback.

Have an idea of your own you would like feedback on?  Post your single page script below, each and every week.

I have rambled on long enough, but would like to close by saying thank you to each of the tenured writers, both past and present and also to all of you who continue to read our words.


Ben Rosenthal
Puppet Dictator, Thought Balloons
May 1, 2014.

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