Sunday, May 4, 2014

4th Year Anniversary - Dojo Kun - Ben Rosenthal

PAGE One                 

1.  Wide panel.  Out the front of an old traditional karate Dojo (ref: .  Two students stand facing each other, fists up ready to fight/train.  Student A on the left is female, with Student B on the right being male.  (ref:  Both are in their 20’s.  Their Sensei looks on from the porch.  He is old, in his 60’s but still stands.  He has a quiet strength about him.  Around the doorway of the Dojo is a valuable gold ‘Shinto Shrine’ (ref:

Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto.

‘Seek perfection of character’.

2.  A thin panel showing the concentrating eyes of Student A on the left.

3.  Another thing panel right next to Panel 2 showing a cocky smirk from Student B on the right.

4.  (This reference picture will help with the description of the blocks The fighting has begun – a series of quick panels showing the speed of the fight.  A close up of a punch from the student on the left (Student B) being blocked with an ‘Age Uke’ by Student A.

5.  Student A is now punching with her opposite hand aimed at Student B’s solar plexus (ref: It is not yet connecting but it looks as if it will.

6.  Student B has blocked the counter punch from Student A has used a ‘Gedan Barai’ block to counter the block to the solar plexus.

7.  Student A is sweeping out the leg of Student B using an ‘Ashi Barai’ (  Student B is falling to the ground.

8.  Student B is on his back on the ground with Student A above him, fist clenched and ready to strike at the throat of Student B.  She still holds Student B’s Gi in her hand, but has stopped her attack due to her Sensei commanding it with one word.

SENSEI (off panel)


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  1. A fitting opening for 4th Anniversary week. Seek Perfection Of Character is pretty much what this site is all about. The sparring, I believe, is hinting at the students' mindsets, one goes for the heart, while the other keeps their head despite the fight. Well plotted opening salvo, Ben.


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