Monday, May 5, 2014

4th Year Anniversary - Adventure Calling - Grant McLaughlin

I've had parts of this sitting around for a while.  It currently exists as a short piece written entirely without dialogue featuring Sara and Donovan, but something about this beginning makes me want to look at expanding it into something more...

Page 1

1 – Sara stands in the rain. She is soaked pretty much to the bone, but instead of being upset about this, she is excited about a reward poster she sees hanging on a wall / post / whatever. Beyond having “Reward” written on it and maybe some implication of cash, further details aren't of the utmost importance.


2 – In a pub. Sara meets with her friend Donovan. Sara is still wet from the rain, while Donovan is dry and relaxed. Donovan wears a heavy apron on top of simple clothing, all marked up with various scorch and burn marks to show their wear and tear from his work as a smithy. Sara is still wet from the rain, but she has brought the reward poster and placed it on the table for Donovan to see. Sara is still pretty darn excited; Donovan is less certain, but he is intrigued.


3 – In the workshop area of the smithy. Donovan is working on some armour / weapons for he and Sara. He's clearly been working for a while, as sweat beads on his head and his clothes are damp from the exertion. In the background, Sara is looking at equipment hanging on the wall that she might like to use.


4 – Sara and Donovan are heading out on their adventure, the city behind him as they leave. The are well equipped, wearing some new armour courtesy of Donovan with some big packs on their backs and weapons at their sides. Sara remains as excited as ever; Donovan seems to be coming around to the idea of this little expedition.


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  1. I always liked silent pieces, from Peter Kuper's work, to Marvel's "'Nuff Said" month, etc. I'd love to see where this particular script would go next. Love the anticipation of High Adventure this transmits. Well done page one, Grant.


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