Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4th Year Anniversary - Mondo Mega Mechs - Big Trouble in Old Kyoto - MK Stangeland Jr.

(For various reasons which probably relate to laziness somehow, I decided to simply pull my script this week directly from a draft of a full script I'd written at a previous point in time which never got anywhere aside from a few pages getting preliminary art. It was meant to be a 'prequil' issue which introduced the setting of the comic with a more action-heavy story featuring a character who I intended to introduce to the main series at a later point.)

(Important information - KING RUMBLER is a giant 'wild' robot, KWAN SATOMI - SATOMI - is the main character of this story, and F-SIERRAH is one of three fighting robots that she commands.)

Page 12 (9 Panels)

Panel 1: Close up on a portion of KING RUMBLER as a sonic cannon pops out.


Panel 2: KING RUMBLER fires its sonic cannon at SATOMI. It hits her, knocking her off her feet. She screams as she covers her ears in pain.

SFX: (Sonic Cannon) Wrr-wrr-wrr-wrr-wrr-

SATOMI: (SFX) Eeeaak!

Panel 3: KING RUMBLER opens it’s ‘mouth’ and charges a high-powered energy weapon.

SFX: (Energy Cannon) tzzzZZZZZZZZZ

Panel 4: F-SIERRAH flies up into the sky.

Panel 5: F-SIERRAH flies towards the panel with the sun directly behind it.

Panel 6: F-SIERRAH flies towards KING RUMBLER and shoots a light missile at its head.

SFX: (Missile firing) pfew!

Panel 7: The missile hits KING RUMBLER in the side of the head. The head is knocked sideways as a result, causing the energy beam the robot was about to fire to go off in a random direction, completely missing SATOMI.

SFX: (Missile Impact) bkuum!

SFX: (Energy weapon firing) BTZUUM!

Panel 8: F-SIERRAH flies past KING RUMBLER’s head as it roars in anger.


Panel 9: SATOMI, having just picked herself up, has a happy look on her face as she thinks things are starting to turn around for her.




  1. It is a great, high energy page, as a good fight scene should, and shows off a little of Satomi's spunk. I'd love to know a bit more about her though, a caption or two giving us a little insight into her character. Fun page all around.

    1. Believe me, in the script I pulled this page from, you get to know a lot about her character.

      I wasn't kidding when I said I lifted this directly from a script I'd already written. Between the page number and Satomi's last line, I didn't change a single thing before posting it here.

  2. Hi MK Stangeland,

    This is such a great script... In fact I would really like to know little more about her. It is really very fun to read... Thanks for sharing. I would look forward to read more post.


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