Friday, May 9, 2014

4th Year Anniversary - R.A. Wonsowski

Part One of the Walker Roth Trilogy:  JACKRABBIT

Set-up: The Don Bosco Salesian School is a high-priced K-12 Catholic alternative for the children of expats, diplomats, and executives in the upper echelons of Paraguayan society, an educational oasis for the scions of the Latin American third world.  It has been taken hostage by a radical offshoot of the EPP (the People's Paraguayan Army).  Two teachers plan to stand against them, Howard Scott, a former Marine Sergeant, and Walker Roth, a literature professor whose past has just caught up to him.


Layout is 3 rows of 2, panels in the shape of TV screens. Captions beneath the screens hold the dialogue. This page is a continuation from the previous page where the video began.

Panel 1- the MARISCAL, our villain, walks between a row of 2nd graders, foreground, and 3rd graders,background, in what looks like the school cafeteria.  He is dressed in olive fatifgues and a wood handled revolver holstered on his hip. A young female teacher lies in front of them, dead and bloody.  The children are crying silently scared. They are dressed in Catholic school uniforms.

CAPTION, MARISCAL: Some may ask, why speak this message in English? One must admit, it is the language of business, and I am here to negotiate.

Panel 2- the MARISCAL stops to face the camera, one finger held up.

CAPTION, MARISCAL: One, 25 million US dollars, part used cash, part in gold jewelry priced at today's exchange.

Panel 3- the MARISCAL now holds up  two fingers.

CAPTION, MARISCAL: Two, official recognition of Boqueron province as a sovereign nation, as well as my leadership of this new country. All foreigners, get out.

Panel 4- the MARISCAL touches the head of one crying boy in the row before him, a Hispanic child whose nose is running.

CAPTION, MARISCAL: While you arrange this, I will get to know some of the students.

CAPTION, MARISCAL: What is your name, child?

BOY: H-Hector...

Panel 5- The children react in horror as the MARISCAL pulls his pistol and shoots HECTOR in the back of the head. His face explodes in a pulp toward the camera.


Panel 6- flat black.

CAPTION: End message.

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