Thursday, May 22, 2014

Days of Future Past - Be Not Afraid - J.D. Coughlan

I haven't read the storyline, but as I understand it, Professor X is killed off quite early in this timeline. This is just before those events.

Three normal sized panels across the top, one large panel dominating the page.

Panel 1: Close up on Professor X. Over his shoulder, we see the gigantic leg of a Sentinel. It's probably not visible in this panel, but the mansion around him has been destroyed by the Sentinel, ripped open. The Professor is calm.

PROFESSOR X: I always knew this day would come.

Panel 2: Side view of the Professor. He remains staring ahead, almost not acknowledging the Sentinel. His hand is on the control for his wheelchair and he is slightly starting to turn.

PROFESSOR X: Throughout history, there have been people in power who seek to control or eliminate those who are different from them.

Panel 3: Close up on the back of the Sentinel's head as it looks down on the tiny Professor X, who is now half turned to face it.

PROFESSOR X: I have tried my whole life to show that such thinking is wrong...

Panel 4: Large. The giant Sentinel looms over Professor X, who now faces it, looking up, in the ruins of the mansion.

PROFESSOR X: But now that we are here...

PROFESSOR X: That those in power have deemed me too different to live...

PROFESSOR X: I am not afraid.


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  1. Jeez JD. You really nailed Xavier's voice. You can practically hear Patrick Stewart's reading on this. Top notch.


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