Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Days of Future Past – Doomed Either Way – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

PANEL 1: DR. DOOM crashes through the ceiling  - in typical DOOM style of feet first and arms proudly crossed - of a UN-type building in western Europe. A commotion erupts from the shocked and surprised delegates who are present.


PANEL 2: DR. DOOM lands at the podium at the center of the room, shoving aside the man who was standing there.

DR. DOOM: Representatives of the still free world. I AM DOOM! And I am now your lone salvation from destruction!

PANEL 3: A large holographic image appears behind DR. DOOM, displaying the state of SENTINAL-controlled USA.

DR. DOOM: Thanks to the short-sightedness of the PUNY RICHARDS’ home country, the world is threatened by pitiful machines that turn their eyes from across the ocean.

PANEL 4: Display of the EUROPEAN COASTLINE as a line of DOOMBOTS form a protective ‘boarderline’ around it.

DR. DOOM: The superior technology of my personal army of DOOMBOTS have already taken up position around Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa to protect against Sentinel incursions.

PANEL 5: DR. DOOM in front of a map of the world – the map is divided into two sections. One part is labeled as ‘Sentinel Territory’, while the rest of it is labeled as one big ‘LATVERIA’.

DR. DOOM (1): Obviously, DR. DOOM cannot provide such a gift to a world that could so easily undermine his generosity with simple squabbling and indecision.

DR. DOOM (2): Therefore, Latveria hereby annexes the rest of the free world so that DOOM may properly protect the world as if all were citizens under his rule.

DR. DOOM (3): Because now they will be.

PANEL 6: DR. DOOM floats up into the air above the podium – arms proudly crossed in front of him much like they were when he entered – as he prepared to leave without giving anyone a chance to respond.

DR. DOOM: DR. DOOM and LATVERIA hereby accept your own failure to solve this problem on your own as acceptance of these terms.

DR. DOOM: DR. DOOM shall expect you to deliver plans by which to turn over leadership of your nations by this time tomorrow.


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