Saturday, May 24, 2014

Days of Future Past - Magneto - R.A. Wonsowski



Panel 1- Close-up, the eyes of MAGNETO. They are showing the strain and exertion of his power, as well as his age, the white brows furrowed from exhaustion.

CAPTION: Do you remember what I told you, Charles?

CAPTION: What would happen if they passed that law?

Panel 2- MAGNETO is levitating in an electromagnetic storm, above a mutant death camp. He is dressed in his olive green prison jumpsuit with the "M" marked over his left breast. His fists are clenched as he readies for attack. Behind him, a giant Sentinel is about to wrap its hands around him.

CAPTION: So much worse than chains and numbers. I never thought I'd see the ovens again.

CAPTION: We should have been gods striding the world, not marching toward smokestacks.

Panel 3- same as Panel 2, but the Sentinel has been taken apart, the components hanging in the air like a designer's exploded drawing. MAGNETO is calm before what he will accomplish next.

CAPTION: So if I am destined to face the extinction of Homo Superior...

CAPTION: I'll make sure Homo Sapiens marches right with us.

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