Monday, May 19, 2014

Days of Future Past - Some Retcons Are More Necessary Than Others - Grant McLaughlin

This scene would take place in the Mongolian monastery immediately after Wolverine is sent back in time by the rest of the X-Men.  Forgive me if the logistics aren't quite right - seeing as the movie hasn't yet released here, I'm basing some of this on the Wikipedia summary.  Either way, the important thing is that these are the movie versions of the characters (including their respective actors).

1 - In said monastery.  Wolverine has just been sent back in time.  Professor X, Magneto, Storm, and Kitty stand around looking at each other with expressions running the gamut from hope to doubt.  Professor X is particularly serious as only Patrick Stewart can be.  Towards the left side of the panel, there can be a door leading to another room - the only important thing about it is that it be visible.

PROFESSOR X: Now all we can do is wait and see.

2 - Move the focus to that door mentioned in panel 1.  Nothing has appeared, but a distinctively yellow word balloon emerges from it, as someone (guess who) is clearly just off-panel.

DEADPOOL (off-panel): Don't worry guys, I'm here to help!

3 - Switch back to a focus similar to that first panel, but Deadpool has now entered the frame from the left side of the panel.  Unfortunately, it's the terrible Ryan Reynolds movie version who has no mouth, a bunch of random mutant powers, and has pretty much nothing to do with Deadpool.  That being said, he does speak in the yellow Deadpool word balloons.  The gang from the panel 1 looks towards him in complete confusion.


4 - Repeat panel.  The X-Men are still confused, and Deadpool is becoming somewhat bewildered as well.  He gesticulates wildly as he tries to jog their memory.

DEADPOOL (1): Don't you recognize me?  It's Wade Wilson!

DEADPOOL (2): aka Deadpool!

DEADPOOL (3): aka The Merc with a Mouth that everyone knows and loves!

5 - Close-up of Kitty as she leans towards Professor X to ask him a question.  In the background, Storm and Magneto are unimpressed.

STORM (quietly, in the background to Magneto): Why would anyone call him that if he doesn't have a mouth?

KITTY: Professor, what is he?

PROFESSOR X: The very thing that Logan is trying to prevent from ever happening in the first place.

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