Thursday, May 15, 2014

Delilah Dirk - Between Adventures - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Wide panel. Delilah stands proudly in a cafe which looks like a disaster area, the aftermath of a fight, tables and chairs lying all strewn about, window smashed. The cafe owner glares angrily at her, arms folded. In the background, Selim sweeps up some glass.

DELILAH: Obviously I apologise for the damage to your property. These things happen when your on the trail of a jewel thief.

Panel 2: Close up of the manager. Still glaring.

MANAGER: And just how do you plan to compensate for the damages? Does catching jewel thieves pay well?

Panel 3: Close on Delilah. She remains confident.

DELILAH: Only in satisfaction.

DELILAH: However, given that my companion and I have some downtime now...

Panel 4: Same shot. Delilah has a "what if?" expression on her face and in her body language, extending a hand. Selim stands behind her.

DELILAH: ...might I offer you my services in some kind of security capacity?

Panel 5: Close on the still angry manager.

MANAGER: You mean to prevent people from breaking my window?

Panel 6: On Delilah again. She is somehow even more confident, pointing a thumb over her shoulder at Selim, who rolls his eyes.

DELILAH: Did I mention that my friend makes a great cup of tea?

SELIM: sigh


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