Sunday, May 11, 2014

Delilah Dirk - Decisions, Decisions - Grant McLaughlin

Panels 3 through 8 are single moments over the course of the same day.  Feel free to have the day's progress visible in the amount of light in the background of those panels.  Panels 1 and 2 are in the morning; panels 9 and 10 are the night of that same day.

1 - Delilah Dirk and Erdemoglu Selim sit around a camp fire, drinking some of Selim's delicious tea in the early morning.  Delilah wears a relaxed expression; Selim cocks an eyebrow inquisitively in response to her words.

DELILAH: I've come to a decision.


DELILAH: If we are to be traveling companions, I think it would be prudent for you to learn how to defend yourself in the event of a fight.

SELIM: We do seem to get up to an awful lot of those.

2 - Delilah is up and on her feet, offering a hand to help Selim up.

DELILAH: Exactly.  And while your delicious tea is most appreciated, it might not be enough when we're starring down fifty hostile swords.

SELIM: This is also true.

3 - Selim stands holding a sword.  It is still in its hilt.  Delilah looks disappointed in the background.



4 - Selim, a look of panic on his face, swings the sword wildly at a nearby buzzing bee, missing every time.  Delilah looks on in a mixture of disappointment and frustration.


5 - Selim, looking confused, holds his jacket out, a big wide gash cut through it.

DELILAH (off-panel): No

6 - Delilah is crouched in front of a tree, a look of surprise on her face.  Above her, Selim's sword is embedded within the wood, as she has just managed to ducked under it.  Selim stands a few feet away, looking incredibly shocked and embarrassed.


7 - Selim runs away from the bee from panel 5.  Delilah facepalms in the background.


8 - Selim and Delilah look up at the top of a tall tree, where the sword is impaled deep into the top of it.  They are both quite confused as to how this could have happened.

DELILAH: I don't even.

9 - The end of the long day.  Selim and Delilah are sitting around the same campfire as in panel 1 (although its flame is far more brilliant now that it is night).  Selim is tired and his clothing is scuffed up from the exertion.  Delilah is in similar circumstances.

DELILAH: I've come to a much better decision.


10 - Close-up of Delilah's hands holding that warm and steaming cup of tea.

DELILAH (off-panel): Delicious tea is more than enough.

SELIM (off-panel): Agreed.

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