Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Rhino - Osborn's Six - J.D. Coughlan

Basically, the Sinister Six re-imagined as an "Ocean's Eleven" style heist crew in the 1960s. Slick con artist Norman Osborn has begun to recruit his team.

Panel 1: A seedy dive bar. Criminal types fill the place. They are all giving Aleksei Sytsevich, who sits in the foreground at the bar, the stink-eye. He is wearing braces over a vest, and a flat-cap. A large pint of beer sits in front of him, and he stares at it intensely.

OSBORN (O.P.): This seat taken?

ALEKSEI: Is free country.

Panel 2: Same shot, Osborn now moves to sit next to Aleksei. Osborn is grinning smugly, dressed in a sharp dark green suit and purple tie. His hair is greased back, but still looks a bit like his usual weird cornrows. Aleksei continues staring intently at his drink, ignoring Osborn.

OSBORN: Heh. Yes it is, Aleksei, yes it is.

OSBORN: I have to assume that's why you moved here from the good ol' U.S.S. of R.

Panel 3: Reverse angle. The other patrons are now in the foreground. Some are still giving Aleksei dirty looks, but not as many. Osborn has swivelled round to look at them, leaning back on the bar. Aleksei still has his back to us.

OSBORN: America! The land of opportunity! Not many opportunities for a dirty commie though, right?

Panel 4: Close up side view of the two men. Aleksei closest to us. He looks up, but still not at Osborn. Osborn leans back so we can see him behind Aleksei, still grinning.

ALEKSEI: Please do make point, man-who-knows-my-name, or you will to be leaving through window.

OSBORN: How d'you like to achieve the American dream, Aleksei -- money -- and lots of it?

OSBORN: See, I'm putting together a little team for a pretty big job, but my intentions are somewhat... sinister.

Panel 5: Back to front view. Aleksei now looks at Osborn for the first time.

ALEKSEI: How many men you have?

Panel 6: Close up of Osborn's hand as he holds up two fingers.

CAPTION: To be continued...


I may keep this going with future Spidey villains picks, we'll see.

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