Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Ventriloquist – Layers Upon Layers of String – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: ARNOLD WESKER is on the floor, backing up from a walking SCARFACE doll which, unbeknownst to ARNOLD, is a contraption being controlled by TOYMAN.

SCARFACE (1): Shut up n’ stand up!

SCARFACE (2): You’re an embarrassment, you know?

WESKER: But, but…

Panel 2: The SCARFACE robot has run up to WESKER and is slapping his face.

SCARFACE (1): Blah, blah, blah!

SFX: smak! smak! smak!

SCARFACE (2): Stop waddlin’ around like a baby and stand up like a man!

Panel 3: Inside a dark room, where TOYMAN is sitting in a chair. In front of him are control panels and monitors that allow him to control and see the POV of the SCARFACE robot. He’s talking into a microphone attached to a helmet that at first glance looks like its an overly elaborate earpiece setup, but is in actuality a mind-control helmet that allows ULTRA HUMANITE to influence TOYMAN’s decisions.

WESKER: (From monitor) Please, Scarface…

TOYMAN (1): PLEASE NOTHIN’! We got work to do, see?!

TOYMAN (2): You’re a joke, you know that?

Panel 4: Similar to PANEL 3, with the view of the monitor making it look like the SCARFACE robot is still pushing WESKER around. The look of TOYMAN should nonverbally communicate that TOYMAN thinks that he’s completely in control, and enjoying it.

TOYMAN (1): But it’s time we had the last laugh, see?

TOYMAN (2): I got big plans!

Panel 5: ULTRA-HUMANITE stands in a far more elaborate looking base. He wears a laboratory coat and holds a cup of tea in his hands. He grins as he watches the monitors in front of him, some of which focus on TOYMAN, while others relay information about the SCARFACE robot. ULTRA-HUMANITE also wears a simplistic looking headpiece that he’s using to influence TOYMAN’s behavior.

WESKER: (From monitor.) Big…plans?

TOYMAN/SCARFACE (1): Shut up and do what I tells ya, see?

TOYMAN/SCARFACE (2): My plans are so big, you’ll hurt yourself if I tell your stupid brain too much about them!


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  1. Linking Toyman and Ventriloquist is inspired, and the "Russian doll" style joke works well, but I feel the full potential of the ideas here (combining the villains) isn't fully used.


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