Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Ventriloquist - Puppet Master - J.D. Coughlan

Batman reviews video footage of a time when Arnold Wesker was put under hypnosis in order to understand the roots of the Scarface persona.

All of these panels look like a monitor screen, the image black and white and slightly stacic-y, with "REC" and maybe a date/time stamp on them.

Panel 1: Arnold sits behind a desk in a doctor's office, wearing his Arkham jumpsuit. His head is slightly slumped forward, eyes closed.

DOCTOR (O.P.): Arnold, can you hear me?

ARNOLD: (small) Yes.

DOCTOR (O.P.): How old are you, Arnold?

ARNOLD: (small) Six.

Panel 2: Same shot.

DOCTOR (O.P.): And where are you?

ARNOLD: (small) In my house. With my mommy and daddy.

ARNOLD: *sniff*

Panel 3: Same shot. Arnold looks a bit more uncomfortable.

DOCTOR (O.P.): What's the matter, Arnold?

ARNOLD: (small) I think... I think something's wrong with my mommy and daddy.

ARNOLD: (small) There was lots of noise so I came downstairs and now they're not moving and I think it's cause I'm up past my bedtime and I don't want them to be mad--

Panel 4: Same shot. Arnold even more uncomfortable now, his face screwed up, holding back tears.

DOCTOR (O.P.): Arnold, Arnold, it's alright. Stay calm. Tell me what you're feeling.

ARNOLD: *sniff*

Panel 5: Same. Arnold now looks of the verge of crying.

ARNOLD: (small) I'm scared. I duh-- I duh-- I don't wanna be alone.

Panel 6: Same shot, but now Arnold looks up, eyes open, right into the camera. There is a wicked grin on his face. The text in his speech bubble should be notably different.

ARNOLD: You ain't alone, Arnie. I'll protect ya.

ARNOLD: Nobody's gonna hurt you again.


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  1. This is most excellent, John! The setup allows for an incredibly emotional look at Arnold's tragic origin, with a chillin' conclusion to top it all off.


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