Monday, May 26, 2014

The Ventriloquist - Table Manners - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  Row one is made up of panel 1, row two is panels 2 through 5, and row three is panels 6 through 9.

1 - Wide shot of Arnold Wesker and Scarface sitting at opposite ends of a dinner table.  It's set out for a meal, with plenty of food spread out across its surface (think a salad, potatoes, ham, some additional greens, and the like).  Wesker and Scarface both have plates filled with food in front of them.  Wesker picks at his food gingerly, while Scarface is (unsurprisingly) untouched.  While the room is poorly lit, it's clear that they both are somewhat worse for wear, as if they've recently barely emerged from a serious dustup - Wesker has bruises, scratches, and torn clothes, while Scarface is dinged up, missing some teeth and a damaged eye.


2 - Focus on Wesker.  He cuts into his ham with his fork and knife.  While he's looking down at his food, it's clear that his attention is on Scarface.

WESKER: I wish you'd eat something.  You need to regain your strength after what happened.

3 - Focus on Scarface.  The dummy sits on the chair, enveloped in ominous shadow.


4 - Wesker has the ham going up to his mouth, but has stopped to look at Scarface and "respond".  He looks hurt.

WESKER: Please don't yell.

5 - Back to Scarface.  Move in a bit closer.  The puppet has not moved, although the shadows remain.


6 - Wesker has put down his knife and fork.  He is pleading with Scarface.

WESKER: I know your upset, but --

7 - Scarface.  Closer still - right up near the face at this point.


8 - Wesker holds his head in his hands, crying.

WESKER (quietly): I'm sorry.

9 - Scarface.  We're right up near the damaged eye, which is sufficiently creepy with the darkness.

WESKER (off-panel): I'm sorry.

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  1. This is very creepy too. The only thing missing is a victim tied to a chair at the table to watch it all. Reminds me a bit of the scene in No Man's Land where Wesker wastes valuable food and drink on Scarface.


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