Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flash Gordon - Another Life - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Ming and Klytus stand in their evil lair, looking up at a large round viewscreen which displays Earth.

MING: Observe, Klytus!

MING: If my time tamperer has worked correctly--

KLYTUS: And I'm sure it has, my liege.

MING: --then we shall be able to view the new timeline. One where the meddlesome Gordon never came to interfere in my plans!

Panel 2: Close on the viewscreen. An image of Flash has appeared, but not the one we know. His hair is short and smart, and he wears a business suit. His expression is miserable.

MING (O.P.): Behold!

Panel 3: On the viewscreen still. Now it displays Flash sitting in an office cubicle, typing away miserably.

MING (O.P.): The once proud warrior, reduced to a mindless drone! The purpose gone from his life!

Panel 4: On the viewscreen still. Now it displays Flash sitting in a small apartment by himself in t-shirt and sweatpants, watching TV, eating a microwave meal. Emphasise the lonliness.

MING (O.P.): His friends -- his lover -- having abandoned him, and rightly so! In this timeline he is unworthy of attention!

Panel 5: On Ming and Klytus, looking up at the off-panel viewscreen. Ming seems slightly melancholy.

KLYTUS: Genius, sire! Truly your greatest victory!

MING: Yes... but can it really be called a victory...

Panel 6: Close up on Ming, his eyes wandering in thought.

MING: ...if your enemy is unaware of his downfall?



  1. First off, your ear for dialogue is fantastic here. Not only is Ming and Klytus spot on, but I can absolutely see the 1980 cast doing this. Second, in your way, you've notjust created a great FG dilemma, but you also nailed why Ming is his own worst enemy. He wins, but he can't leave the win alone. Wonderful script this week, JD...

    1. I was going to comment, but AZ's basically says everything I was gonna say.

  2. Got to love evil villain logic. A hero would be "Great, we saved the world, let's call it a day" but then the villain, on the other hand, is "I've won, but have I REALLY won if I can't gloat about it to the person I've won against?"


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