Sunday, June 8, 2014

Flash Gordon - Black Son - R.A. Wonsowski

The continuity for this is roughly five years after the 1980 movie.

Panel 1- Amidst the wreckage of dead black-garbed soldiers and the golden armoured cavalry, out on the sands of the desert under the red sky of Mongo, FLASH GORDON is fighting a vicious golden-skinned warrior in black robes. Upon the chest plate over the black robes is a stylized eight-pointed golden sun. His hood is down, revealing a shaved head. This is GRYVUS. Both men are dueling with long sabers, and FLASH is on the ropes.

FLASH: Maniac! Look around!
FLASH: You've decimated the planet! You assassinated the Emperor!

Panel 2- GRYVUS surprises FLASH with a roundhouse kick to the kidney. FLASH drops his sword.

GRYVUS: Barin was never my emperor! Only the eternal name of Ming will ever cross my lips in fealty!
GRYVUS: As it was with my father who you had slain!

Panel 3- worm's-eye view, FLASH, foreground and lying on the sand, looks up at GRYVUS, who has FLASH at saber-point and pulls his hood up with his free hand. In the sky, the flying city of the Hawk-men can be seen.

GRYVUS: How fitting it is that you should die beneath Vultan's city. He told me all under my blade...
FLASH: Who are you?

Panel 4- Zoom in, GRYVUS pulls something shiny and golden from the folds of his robe as he rattles his saber. His rage is palpable.

GRYVUS: I am Gryvus! I am one of the Ten Thousand Flames of Dyzan, god of the Black Sun!
GRYVUS; I am Gryvus, son of Klytus, who you so cowardly murdered!

Panel 5- Flashback. Foreground, KLYTUS, impaled on the spikes of the gladiatorial platform. Background, FLASH, BARIN, and VULTAN look upon what they had done.

CAPTION (Flash): My God...

Panel 6- Zoom in, as GRYVUS finishes fitting the golden mask of Klytus upon his face.

GRYVUS: I am Gryvus, pathetic earthling!

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  1. I like it Ray. Your panel descriptions alone make this an entertaining read. I have no idea of Flash Gordon mythology, but I dig this page. Good work.


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