Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flash Gordon – FLASH GORDON, As Imagined by George Lucas! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(As you may or may not know, prior to making STAR WARS, George Lucas actually wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie. The following takes a not entirely serious look at what might have happened had he actually been allowed to do it…)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: DR. HANS ZARKOV is showing his starship to FLASH GORDON and DALE ARDEN.

TEXT BOX (1): Returning to theaters this summer for a limited engagement!

TEXT BOX (2): The greatest Science Fiction Epic of all time!

DR. ZARKOV: I came to Earth to find you, FLASH GORDON! Only you can save the universe!

Panel 2: MING THE MERCILESS and GENERAL KLYTUS stand on a tower balcony overlooking the construction of a massive space ship, the DEATH STAR.

TEXT BOX: WITNESS the epic struggle against the forces of EVIL!

MING (1): Gordon is of no concern.

MING (2): Soon my DEATH STAR shall be complete, and then no power in the universe can stop me!

Panel 3: FLASH GORDON is dueling GENERAL KLYTUS, and each is using a LIGHTSABER.

TEXT BOX: BEHOLD as the heroic young FLASH GORDON learns the ways of the JEEDI GUARDIANS and discovers the truth about his past!

GENERAL KLYTUS: Join with me, Flash! We need not fight each other, Son!


Panel 4: Squadrons of starships that look like a cross between classic-style ROCKET SHIPS and Y-WING fighters are engaged in combat against squadrons of ships that look reminiscent of TIE FIGHTERS while still maintaining a unique appearance.

TEXT BOX: EXPERIENCE the exciting adventure all over again!

RED LEADER: We need to break through and destroy that ship before it’s too late!

Panel 5: An old-fashion style movie poster reminiscent of the classic STAR WARS trilogy posters by way of FLASH GORDON.

TEXT BOX: This summer, it’s the return of George Lucas’s FLASH GORDON!

TEXT BOX: For a limited time only!

(End Page)

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  1. I know what you're going for but this one didn't do it for me sorry. For me it was just substituting characters into scenarios - while others find this amusing it didn't strike a chord with me.
    I can't suggest anything better off the top of my head which makes this comment pretty negative (sorry, not my intention) but I believe it would be a stronger piece if you could find a way to merge the two films in a more subtle way - perhaps poking fun of George Lucas' desire to re-invent everything, or have light sabres replaced with walkie talkies or the like.


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