Monday, June 9, 2014

Flash Gordon - Space - Grant McLaughlin

Captions should look handwritten, as they are part of Flash Gordon's "journal entry".

1 - A wide, exterior shot of Flash's rocketship flying through space.

CAPTION (FLASH): The fight against tyranny continues.

2 - Interior.  We see Flash sitting at a desk, facing away from the reader.  The light is low and he is bent over his journal, writing.  There are various items on the desk that will come into focus in the coming panels (including a corkboard in front of him with items that can't be made out yet).

CAPTION (FLASH): It seems every time I strike a victory, I find myself back on this ship, being whisked away to another planet in need.

3 - Focus on the corkboard.  It is covered in handwritten notes from different people who have been saved by Flash's actions.  There are so many that you can only make out bits and pieces of individual letters, lots of "thank you", "forever in your debt", "words aren't enough", careful signatures, and hand drawn pictures (particularly from children).

CAPTION (FLASH): It is tiring, but it is the right thing to do.

4 - Switch to the desk, focusing on a day calendar.  There are many sheets torn off and lying below the current day, building a not insignificant pile.  If desired, have "Travel" written on the current day.

CAPTION (FLASH): And while these journeys are long.

5 - Shift to yet another object on Flash's desk: a photo of him and his gal pal Dale Arden, holding each other close and looking happy.  There should be a handwritten "Come back to me soon!" written in the corner, possibly with her name at the bottom or a cliched lipstick mark.


6 - We're once again behind Flash at his desk.  He has stopped writing and is now leaning back in his chair, as if contemplating everything before

CAPTION (FLASH): They give me a chance to experience something I can't seem to find anywhere else.

7 - Repeat the exterior shot of the rocketship from panel 1.



  1. Yes, nice.
    You could probably trim down the panel count, but the overall message and that last line are fantastic.

  2. Nice "lull between storms" piece. I also like the timelessness of the script; it would definitely be at home as an Alex Raymond Sunday strip before the next grand adventure. Quietly wonderful, Grant...


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