Monday, June 9, 2014

Flash Gordon - What's in a Name? - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Flash Gordon is camping on Mongo.  It is night.  He sits by the fire.   Dale Arden is asleep, and Flash and Hans talk.

HANS: You never told me my boy.  How did you get the name 'Flash'?

2.  A close up of Flash, thinking about a painful memory.

3.  A dorm room in Yale.  A young Flash of about 16 is topless in bed and looking sad and disappointed.  Next to him in bed is a female laughing hysterically. She has is also topless but the bed sheet covers her breasts.


  1. It's a cute attempt at a joke, but I, personally, feel like it's 'meh'.

  2. Thanks for the feedback MK. What made you think 'meh'? Was it the joke itself? Was it the way the page was constructed? Was it obvious? Some more criticism would be fantastic.


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