Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moose Kid Comics – Curses – Brian Manton

6 panel grid. Bottom two panels knocked together.

A Giant-ised Moose Kid bounds down the street like a happy Godzilla. Wizards flee from his stomping feet.

CAP: The Blow him Up spell backfired.

Moose Kid sits behind a table loaded with plates of Full English Breakfasts. He stuffs his face with sausages, rashers and eggs. Malph steals a slice of toast from the corner of the panel.

CAP: The Fry him Up runes, a failure.

Kid, Hodge and Malph strut through the streets with beaming smiles. They all brandish impressive dreadlocks. Everyone they pass looks on in admiration.

CAP: The Invocation of Dread was not at all what we expected.

Kid, Hodge and Malph’s heads have all been inflated like helium balloons. They float in the sky, continuing their badminton game unimpeded.

CAP: The Helium Hex, not as horrible as we’d hoped.

A mini wizard (Pocket Wizard to his friends) stands before all the other wizards in their stony castle lair. He waves his wand about to cast a spell. The other wizards are across the room from him. Some run to stop him, some shout in anger, some are frozen in fear.

Pocket Wizard: Hows about we try the Curse of Flatulence?

All the other Wizards (shouting): NO!

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