Sunday, June 1, 2014

Optimus Prime – Never Forgotten – MK Stangeland Jr.

(This script takes place separate from any existing Transformers continuity, in a version of their universe long after both the defeat of the original Decepticons and well after OPTIMUS PRIME has passed on. BUMBLEBEE has since risen to the rank of PRIME, and now goes by the name of GOLDFIRE PRIME.

GOLDFIRE PRIME’s design should have BUMBLEBEE’s original design as a starting point, and from there his new design should look upgraded, more ‘beefed up’, and aged with wear and tear to show he’s seen a lot since rising to his current rank.)

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: GOLDFIRE PRIME is on the MOON, where he’s facing off against MEGAPRIME – a Decepticon who wears pieces from a long-dead MEGATRON’s body as intimidating-looking refurbished armor. Nearby is a technologically advanced looking tower, which MEGAPRIME is using to attempt to steal the moon so he can use it along with the moons of Cybertron to basically destroy the Cybertron then use its remains to remake the planet as he sees fit – it runs on your basic comic book evil maniac science logic, so probably best not to think about it too much. There are also a few other ruined structures that have been blasted apart from the battle proceeding this scene.

GOLDFIRE PRIME gets to his feet as he tries to recover while MEGAPRIME picks himself up. A ghosted image of OPTIMUS PRIME stands in the background behind GOLDFIRE, overlooking the scene.

GOLDFIRE PRIME: You know the difference between you and me?

Panel 2: GOLDFIRE PRIME charges at MEGAPRIME and prepares to attack.

GOLDFIRE PRIME: We may both fight with the memory of someone long past.

Panel 3: MEGAPRIME swings at GOLDFIRE PRIME. GOLDFIRE PRIME dodges using that maneuver where you roll over the opponents back when you don’t quite jump all the way over them.

GOLDFIRE PRIME: But you’re just using a twisted memory of someone as weapon like a deranged maniac!

Panel 4: GOLDFIRE PRIME hits MEGAPRIME with an uppercut that staggers the Decepticon.


GOLDFIRE PRIME (1): But I fight with the inspiration of the greatest Autobot who ever lived!

GOLDFIRE PRIME (2): And so long as his memory survives to inspire us, then NO Autobot…

Panel 5: GOLDFIRE PRIME hits MEGAPRIME with a massive blow. A ghosted image of OPTIMUS PRIME encompasses GOLDFIRE PRIME’s body, following his movements.



Panel 6: GOLDFIRE PRIME hits with a follow up to PANEL 5. A ghosted image of OPTIMUS PRIME encompasses GOLDFIRE PRIME’s body, following his movements.



Panel 7: GOLDFIRE PRIME hits MEGAPRIME with a haymaker that knocks off MEGAPRIME’s helmet and smashes half his face off. A ghosted image of OPTIMUS PRIME encompasses GOLDFIRE PRIME’s body, following his movements.





  1. First off, Goldfire is a really interesting way to go with Bumblebee. What's even more impressive is how clearly you illustrate that only Optimus could have inspired this change. What could have been just two robots smashing hell out of each other, is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Well done page, MK...

  2. I do like the whole 'memory of Prime' influencing Autobots in the future. Also the dichotomy with Megafire Prime being a twisted reminder of that. The idea of him using body parts as an element to instil fear is a great way to sell a character.


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