Monday, June 2, 2014

Optimus Prime - The War at Home - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Optimus Prime sits in his seat in Cybertron Parliment.  He is their leader - the governing body.  In front of him a Decepticon stands, yelling at a seated Autobot.  Both are dressed in robes.  This is a parliamentary debate.  The war has been over for years.

The war has been over for years.
The Autobots were victorious over Megatron and his guerilla forces.

2.  A close up of the Deceptacon yelling his vitriol.

I was elected to lead.
Only this battlefield the weapons of choice are name calling--

3.  A close up of the Autobot leader smirking smugly as he is being yelled at.

--and looks of smug self-righteousness.

4.  A close up of Prime.  He is bored.  His eyes are distant.

This is what I fought for.

5.  Prime is out on the road on Earth, speeding along a highway in his truck form.  He has run away.

It is not a victory I can be a part of


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  1. After seeing your comments about this on Tumblr [ ], this doesn't seem entirely dissimilar from what IDW initially did with Optimus after THEY ended the main war. Though given his history, I'd actually think he'd be more inclined to be a home with a more peaceful society. Though on the other hand, maybe being Optimus rather than Orion Pax for so long is the kind of thing that changes a bot beyond going back.

    It's certainly something worth contemplating, at the very least.


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