Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spider-Ham - A vs X - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1 - From above, we see the Spectacular SPIDER-HAM, IRON MANATEE, WOLVERINE (who is an actual wolverine), FROG THOR, EMU FROST, and PROFESSOR EGGS (a rooster sitting on a levitating wheelchair nest), all looking up at something in the sky.  NIGHTCRAWLER (an actual nightcrawler worm) teleports in on a purple cloud.

SPIDER-HAM:  Well, this has turned out to be the worst Thanksgiving ever...

FROG THOR: Verily, thou speakest for Avengers all.

WOLVERINE:  I don't recall inviting you guys in the first place, bub.

PROF. EGGS:  Enough! We must brace ourselves for the cosmos-shaking power of...

Panel 2 - reverse angle of panel 1, as everyone is looking up at a giant, flaming, and well-basted Thanksgiving turkey, wings and legs spread outward, ready to unleash its power upon the world.


SPIDER-HAM:  (sotto voce, to IRON MANATEE) Where's Captain Carrot when you need him?


CAPTION: to be continued!

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