Sunday, June 8, 2014


Thought Balloons ( thought-balloons ) are looking for YOU!

A spot has opened up for tenured writers.  This is where you come in.

Think you can produce a single page of comic script once a week?  Ready to get some feedback from other like minded comic writers.  Then apply now!

Thought Balloons is run by writers, for writers.  As the puppet dictator I have seen many a fine scribe pass through it’s doors.  Some of which have gone on to great success - Dan Hill and Ryan K Lindsay are now writing and editing the Monkey Brain hit HEADSPACE.

Drop me a note below or over at the twitter.


  1. Hey, guys! Can I put in my resume here? :)
    My name's Arby Moay. You may not remember me, but I kinda played along fairly regularly here in the comments section in the past. I haven't done so in recent months because of personal reasons, but I'd really love to play back. If you'll have me.
    If not, well, I'd still be having fun in the comments section here and there.


  2. Hey Arby, Yes I do recall your entries. I'm still weighing up those who have shown interest. Drop me a line at twitter or email and we can chat.


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