Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Moose Kid Comics?

Moose Kid Comics is a new free digital kids comic. Founded by Jamie Smart, issue one features 36 pages of comics by over 40 top comic book artists.

Moose Kid himself was an unsuspecting kid who happened to get on the wrong side of some wizards, get himself turned into a moose and transported directly into a comic. This didn't seem like the punishment it was meant to be to Moose Kid, so the Wizards have entered the comic to hunt him down and drag him back out!

Moose Kid Comics Mission Statement:

We created Moose Kids Comics for three main reasons:
  1. To entertain comic readers and win new audiences.
  2. To show how fantastic a children’s comic can be when artists create it themselves.
  3. To open up the discussion about how we can make children’s comics great again.
Here in the U.K, mainstream children’s comics have been dying out, especially ones featuring original content. The Phoenix and The Beano are the only commercially available weekly titles still producing entirely original characters, but they are competing against big-name licensed titles based on TV shows or merchandising.
We want to help change things. We want to be creating the next generation of loveable characters for the world to embrace, all created by artists who retain their copyrights and put all their heart into their creations.
We want to remind both children and adults alike how fantastical and imaginative comics can be, and to help bring children’s comics back into the public consciousness.

What are you waiting for? Go download and share Moose Kid Comics #1 now!

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