Sunday, July 27, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy – ??? – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: The Guardians are sitting around a capture Badoon ZOM cyborg soldier. ROCKET RACOON looks up at STAR-LORD.

TEXT BOX (1): Picking up the pieces of that Badoon plot thread that DnA didn’t use?

ROCKET RACOON: The Badoon are going after Knowhere.

TEXT BOX (2): No, no, wait…

Panel 2: Large panel, as some of the Guardians stand aboard a Badoon warship they’ve just boarded, ready for action – present are STAR-LORD, ROCKET RACOON, GROOT, MAJOR VICTORY, MANTIS, and GAMORA.

TEXT BOX (1): Badoon, but cool action shot!

STAR-LORD: Alright, folks, lets make this quick and painful.

ROCKET RACCOON: Speaking my language, Quill.

GROOT: I am Groot!

TEXT BOX (2): Then throw in some witty Nextwave name tags, and…

TEXT BOX (3): Nah, it’s cool, but…

Panel 3: ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY PULP’ – A re-imagined team of Guardians in the MARVEL NOIR/MARVEL PULP line. They are standing in front of a retro-style pointy space rocket with retro-style pointy space engines on either side, and are in a movie-posteresque arrangement.

This team consists of STAR-LORD, who looks more in line with his helmeted movie look but with a more ‘western cowboy’ touch; ROCKET RACCOON and GROOT, who look mostly the same; VONCE ASTRO, aka MAJOR VICTORY, who’s suit has a more robotic and otherworldly look to it and his shield has a different color scheme; NIKKI, who has a solid mix of ‘westernesque space dame’ and ‘sharpshooter’; and ADAM WARLOCK, who’s wielding a staff and has a look that positively screams ‘SPACE WIZARD!’


TEXT BOX (2): Except…how do I get that across in a single page?

Panel 4: MK STANGELAND JR. sits at his desk in front of his laptop, looking up with his hands stretched upwards.


MK STANGELAND JR. (2): How do I decide?!

MK STANGELAND JR. (3): I’m running out of time!

Panel 5: MK STANGELAND JR. sits in front of his laptop, but has a sudden look of realization on his face.

MK STANGELAND JR.: Wait a minute…



  1. And MK plays his 'I'm writing the script' card that each tenured writer has one of. I played mine a few years back.
    Having said that I liked the script as soon as I got what was going on. At first I was confused, but it fell into place by panel 3. Nice.

  2. Fun page, MK. The situations you come up with all genuinely seem like they would have been fun to explore in fuller depth, and the snippets you provide have a surprising amount of fun dialogue in them.

    And as Ben says, even though I figured out where you were going with it, I like your elliptical conclusion to the whole thing. Nice quiet laugh to it that loops back into that first panel.

  3. I would read a Guardians Pulp from you in a heartbeat. And the fact that you both acknowledge DnA's run as well as make it your own, picking up dangling plot threads as you go, is icing on the cake. Way cool stuff...


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