Monday, July 28, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Plan of Attack - Grant McLaughlin

The main portion of this page would be a holographic diagram of a horrible space monster and its various internal parts snaking back and forth across it, with Rocket Raccoon's word balloons following the various bits and pieces to fill in the listener on what's going on.  I will define the different aspects as panels, but it is (for the most part) a continuous image, with some insert panels throughout and a separate panel below to conclude.  The diagram should be done in a somewhat cartoony or exaggerated style.

1 - Insert panel.  Head of Rocket Raccoon so as to identify him as the speaker.

ROCKET: Alright, listen up everyone, because I'm only going to say this once.

2 - We're into the diagram now.  A giant alien creature (which looks not unlike a horrifying space lion - but with sci fi aspects thrown in wherever one deems appropriate).

ROCKET: Our target is Ingenspatium Leo IV, an enormous creature in the neighbouring star system.

3 - Continuing along, we have a close-up of the creature's huge maw.  As described in the dialogue, it is lined with teeth - far more than would be necessary or advisable.

ROCKET: The main entry point is through its hideous maw, which is lined with hundreds of thousands of laser sharp hyperfangs.

4 - Following the image down (but still on the right side of the page), we see the Guardians' ship being crushed in a giant throat.

ROCKET (1): But that will be a cake walk compared to what comes next.

ROCKET (2): First we need to avoid becoming a lump in its throat.

5 - Moving from right to left, we see members of the Guardians (still cartoony) literally melting from heat.

ROCKET: And watch out for its fire breathing lungs.

6 - Now on the left side of the diagram, we see a line of half-robot / half-alien monsters walking from left to right.  Similar to the classic "Evolution of Man" image, the first cyber-monster is merely walking, the second is in the process of exploding, and the third is already exploded.

ROCKET: Of course, it's worth mentioning that its white blood cells are murderous cyber-monsters.

ROCKET (quieter): Who, for some reason, explode on impact.

7 - Moving down again on the diagram, we see a reinforced, science fiction fortress that is in the shape of a heart.  Some silhouetted figures stand on the battlements of the heart fortress.

ROCKET: The heart is a veritable fortress, guarded by deathless automatons who hate outside life.

8 - Some terrifying space grubs stand, seemingly ready to destroy anything that falls in their path.

ROCKET: And once we make it past everything, we'll find ourselves face to face with some delicious space grubs.

9 - Another insert panel.  This time it is Starlord, who looks confused.

STARLORD: Wait - who are we saving through all this?

10 - The Guardians' ship.  Rocket stands before the rest of his teammates, the diagram behind him.  Now he is confused, while they are disappointed with his answer.

ROCKET: Saving?  I'm just outlining our lunch plans!


  1. At first glance, I questioned how well this would work with a single page, but after giving it a more thorough read-thought, I'm heartily impressed by what you've put together here.

    Though I will say that if it weren't for the one-page restriction, I think this would be a concept that would be utilized to its fullest if it were implemented across a double-page spread.

  2. I liked it - but found the pay off lacking. There is a lot of build there, and Rocket's matter of fact voice leaves no hint that a gag is coming. However it just fell a bit flat for me - and I'm not sure why sorry.
    Perhaps it is because of the busy page, and the adventurous nature of the tale that the gag doesn't fit. I'm sure it's just me though - I'm a fickle creature.


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