Monday, July 21, 2014

Komodo - Catch Up - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Komodo is sitting in a room.  We see her full body, facing head on to the panel.

I look like a monster.  Something from a helpless child's nightmare.

2.  Exactly the same framing as the previous panel, but Komodo is now in human form.  We can see her legs are not there.

Or, I am the helpless child.

3.  A head shot.  Komodo is back in her lizard form.

Like this, I only appear as a monster.

5.  The largest panel of the page. Komodo is back in her lizard form, stading up and walking out the room - we can see what it is now.  A visiting room in a high security prison.  She was visiting someone.  That someone is Hardball.

You're are one.

6.  A smaller panel of Hardball, similar to the first panel.  He is silent.  He is pensive.


  1. An interesting piece. I like the idea of the confrontation between Komodo and Hardball, but I'm not sure of the pacing here. I think the piece would be stronger if you could manage only a single transformation (either reptile to human or vise versa) on Komodo's part before accusing Hardball. That last pensive panel is solid though.

    Also, a small note to beware your proofreading in panel 5.

  2. Good call - the original script had her changing one more time. I was going to imply the Gollum/mirror thing talking to yourself. But it was too high concept for what I wanted to go for.

  3. The self-contemplative nature of the page aside (which I'm not a fan of in general), one thing that really struck me as being out of place here is Komodo's decision to switch to her human form in panel 2. It just didn't seem like it fit with the character in any sense where I'm familiar with her.


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